Feature types

These are abilities shared between a huge number of Units within TLT. Features could be found at the right top of a card.

a. Smash:

When a unit with a smashing feature attacks the front enemy unit, excessive damage will be dealt to the unit behind the enemy unit, and if there is no unit behind it, it will directly damage the opposing player.

However, when the unit with the smashing feature attacks the diagonally opposite unit, excessive will not be dealt with.

b. First strike:

The first strike means that if the card's attack power is enough to kill the enemy, the card will not be damaged. The first strike only takes effect when actively attacking and cannot be used for counterattacks.

c. Huge:

Creatures with the Huge trait will occupy both the front and rear rows at the same time. When it moves, if there are two units in the adjacent column, they will swap positions together

d. Corps:

Creatures with this trait can put more than 3 cards in the deck, and X is the maximum number.

e. Obtuse:

When a unit with the obtuse feature is summoned, it will enter the field with an exhaustion state. This means that it cannot attack in the next battle phase.

f. Flying:

Creatures with flying can directly attack opposing players when there is only one enemy unit directly in front of them, either only in the front row or only in the back row

g. Blocker

When the unit on either side of the blocker unit is attacked, you can exhaust the blocker and cause it to take damage instead. While blocking, the creature is considered to have temporarily moved in front of the adjacent unit, so effects such as smash will take effects too.

h. Armor

Creatures with armor reduce damage by x points when they take damage, whether it's combat damage or damage from special effects.

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