This document was intended solely to communicate to specific recipients who have asked for information about the program and does not constitute any future investment guidance or a contract or commitment of any kind. By participating in the CP Distribution Project, participants understand and accept the risk of the project and are willing to assume all consequences thereof. The project team expressly disclaims any promise of reward or liability for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the project. The CP tokens involved in this project are a cryptographic digital code, which was used in transactions. It does not represent equity, right to earnings, or control of the project.

Due to the many uncertainties surrounding the digital currency itself ( including but not limited to the general digital currency regulation in various countries, fierce competition in the industry, and the technical loopholes of the digital currency itself), we cannot guarantee that the project will be successful, and we admit that there is a certain risk of failure of the project, and the tokens of this project are also at risk of becoming invalid. Although the team commits to working hard to solve the problems that may arise in the course of the project, the future will still be beset by uncertainties caused by policies, thus the support of and participation in this project must be rational and informed by a full understanding of the risks of blockchain.

The TLT team has entrusted a credible third-party organization to set up a foundation entity in the Cayman Islands. All operations comply with local laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements. If a matter arises that requires legal advice, it is necessary to confirm the handling through a local lawyer. The TLT Foundation maintains the non-profit nature of its operations. Users who participate in the TLT community have the right to hold further CP tokens or relinquish them in the future, regardless of whether or not they have acquired them. Holding a token also implies the holder’s right to spend and use smart contracts on the TLT blockchain platform. CP purchasers should understand that the TLT Foundation makes no guarantee or tunneling, express or implied, to the extent required by law. In addition, purchasers should understand that there are no returns or refunds after the purchase of CP tokens. In the event of a dispute, the parties involved shall resolve the matter through negotiation by the agreement. If the dispute fails to be resolved through negotiation, it may be resolved through legal action.

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