Process of the game

In The Lost Thrones, both players will share around rather than each player taking his turn as in most other card games. Of course, this is also the key feature of TLT that is different from other similar games. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to introduce and explain the game process.

The overall game process is

1. Starting

2. Action phase1

3. Action phase2

4. Action phase3

5. Battle phase

6. End of a turn

1. Start of round

First thing to consider: is technology. At the beginning of each round, At the start of your turn, you will:

Choose a certain technology to upgrade/ Give up technology upgrades to obtain a "lucky coin"

After choosing the technology, the player will receive 9 costs, and then will officially enter around.

If it is the first round of each game, the selection of the starting hand is also involved before the round begins. Regarding the starting hand, each player draws 7 cards. The first player can choose to shuffle all the cards in his hand once, and the second player can choose any card to reshuffle.

2. Action phase

After the selection of the start of the round is completed, the action phase of each round is entered. At the beginning of each action phase, the player draws a card and it starts with the first player, and the two players take turns among three action phases.

During the action phase, you could:

1. Play Units from your hand (as long as you can pay its cost)

2. Play Spells from your hand (as long as you can pay its cost)

3. Trigger units effects(if any)

Therefore, it is recommended not to rush to use up all the costs in the first stage but to evenly distribute the cards you come up with throughout the round, so that you can better respond to the opponent's actions.

During the war phase, as both sides take turns attacking, it is possible to prioritize trying to kill each other's troops to limit the opponent's actions.

3. Battle phase

The battle phase begins after both sides have completed the three action phases.

During the battle phase, Only one selected unit could attack in a turn, starting with the first player, the two players will take turns to attack. Attacked units will become exhausted mode.

Sometimes the player could also choose to exhaust their units to skip this battle phase.

The battle phase will end until all units are exhausted.

After that, a new round of rounds will start, and so on until one side fails, the game ends.

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