Rules & Features


One unit can only move one square in four directions. If there is a unit at the location and that unit has not moved, the two will switch positions and both are considered to have moved.

Mana cost deduction rule

At the end of each action phase, the current player's cost cap will be temporarily deducted by 3 points, e.g. 9 to 6 to 3. Moreover, unused mana in each action phase will not be transferred to the next action phase.

Max mana for each action phase

1st action phase: 9

2nd action phase: 6

3rd action phase: 3

e.g. if you used 2 mana in the first action phase (7 mana remain), the rest 1 mana will not be transferred to next action phase, that means you only have 6 mana to start the second action phase.

Legion rule

Cards with legion-carrying features can be combined with cards that can join the legion to form a stronger minion.

1. Combination

The combination of a legion needs to meet two conditions. One is that the card types must be the same; the other is that they have at least one feature that is the same

2. Attack & Defense Value

The attack & defense value of a legion equals the sum of all cards in the legion, and when the card in the legion dies, the overall attack and defense value of the legion also changes.

3. Damage

When a legion is battling, the first card in the legion that joins the legion will be damaged first.

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