Game modes& Rewards

Constructed is TLT‘s main type of play, found in Rank mode, Bot mode as well as Casual mode. In constructed play, the player does battle with an opponent, each using decks constructed from their own collections. Only cards found in the player's collection can be included in their deck, providing motivation to earn new cards in order to be able to include them in decks.


In the man-AI battle, you can choose your opponent race and difficulty of the four races and three types of difficulties. Fight against our bot and earn XP


Casual mode for playing against other players and earn XP


Win $DD for each game won( up to 10 games a day), battle against opponents to climb the leaderboard ranks. The higher your matchmaking rate is, the more rewards you will get.

Achievement& Level rewards

Achievements are self-contained game goals that offer challenges and satisfy goal-oriented players. The Lost Throne's achievements system features achievements that are related to each class, the player's collection, ranked milestones, and gameplay achievements that are tracked from match to match.

Players earn experience points (abbreviated as XP) by playing games and completing missions (when missions are available). When a summoner reaches a certain amounts of experience points they increase their summoner's level.

Each time a summoner reaches a new level they receive a reward. The most common reward is $DD, and sometimes also bronze cards

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